We can help you review and understand your current benefits and “customize” the benefits that are best for your situation.  Let us show you how to make the most of the dollars you spend on benefits.  

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Personal and Group Health Insurance


     With the implantation of the Affordable Care Act, it is no longer just a matter of finding the right health insurance. We can help you find the right plan to fit your needs.       

     Is your current agent helping you to be compliant with the rules and regulations that could result in substantial fines and penalties?


Cafeteria Plans

      Do you allow your employees to pay for their portion of health care costs with pre-tax dollars?  If so, it is critical that you have not only an updated Section 125 document, but also that the annual testing be done to keep it compliant      

     Are you aware that failure to do so could disallow the pre-tax treatment of your employees’ premiums RETROACTIVELY for previous years and make them taxable income this year? Let’s talk


Dental Plans

      Dental insurance is the 2nd most popular benefit that employees ask for.  Do you know if your current dental plan is more than just a trade of dollars, or if it really helps your employees for their specific needs?


Key Person Disability Coverage

     Many companies understand the need to have life insurance for key employees that are key to the success and profitability of the company.

     What if the same employee were unable to work because of a sickness or injury?  Wouldn’t this affect the company the same way? 



      In many cases, this is the only insurance that many employees have.  it may be the only place that they look for their personal benefits as well.  Not only having this option available to your employees, but having the ability to get the proper amount for each employee can make the difference in the event of premature death.When is the last time you and your employees reviewed your current coverage for appropriate amounts and cost effectiveness?


Personal & Group Disability – Long and Short Term

     There is a significantly greater chance that you will become sick or injured than that you will die during your working years.  

     When is the last time that you reviewed your income protection plan? 


Salary Continuation

     If you were too sick or too hurt to work, would you want to continue to receive a paycheck?  Without a formal document or insurance plan in place, this may not be an option, even for the owner of the company.

     Would your current salary continuation plan stand up to an IRS challenge? 


Direct Reimbursement Dental

     Does your current dental plan allow you to choose where to use the benefit dollars available?

     Direct reimbursement works because of its simplicity.  Employers love direct reimbursement because the small size and predictable nature of dental claims minimizes the risk to the employer while empowering the employee to choose what they need instead of the insurance company doing so. 


Medical Reimbursement / HRA

     Allowing employees to be reimbursed tax-free for a specific type or amount of medical expenses can be a very cost-effective way of increasing employee loyalty and morale.

     When did you last update your documents to comply with recent updates and regulations on your health reimbursement account documents? 


Business Overhead Expense

     As a business owner, if you were too sick or too hurt to work, who or what would pay your fixed expenses at your business?Lease payments, utilities, employee wages, and other fixed expenses usually don’t stop while the boss is unable to work.       Without a plan, would the company be able to survive until you were able to come back to work or make other arrangements? 

Cobra & Mini-Cobra

     Would your company benefit from having a third-party able to take care of the notification and tracking of employees who want to keep their group health coverage when they leave your employment?

     How would that free up your human resource department to be more productive? 


Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

     The premium that you pay for your health insurance is something that is due each month, whether you use the insurance or not.  

     If you could save some of the dollars that you pay to the insurance company and be able to use them tax-free to pay for your medical, dental and vision needs, would that make an impact on your long-term health insurance plan?